Hemptations CBD

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Hemptations CBD

Hemptations Brand CBD Products


300mg = 10mg per Dropper

        .33mg per Drop

600mg = 20mg per Dropper

​        .66mg per Drop

900mg = 30mg per Dropper

         1mg per Drop

​1200mg = 40mg per Dropper

​         1.3mg per Drop


1 Gummy = 10mg

Hemptations Delta 8 Products


900mg = 1mg per Drop


15mg per Gummy

  • All Hemptations CBD Supplements are derived from hemp.
  •  Hemptations brand has both Kentucky Grown CBD and Hemp(Oil).  Our label is even 25% Hemp.
  • Soil verified free from contaminants and heavy metals
  • No Herbicides or Pesticides
  • Lab Tested
  • Full traceability from farm to you
  • Prepared in an approved facility
  •  Feel good about adding it to your own lotion for topical use or in food, but do not use as a frying oil.  
  • Hemp oil is highly nutritional and why its our base for the tincture.  
  • Hemptations CBD is Full Spectrum  and uses C02 extraction.
  • ​Our Gummies are 10mg per piece